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Unbounded violations of bipartite Bell Inequalities via Operator Space theory


Villanueva, Ignacio y Junge, Marius y Pérez García, David y Wolf, Michael y Palazuelos Cabezón, Carlos (2010) Unbounded violations of bipartite Bell Inequalities via Operator Space theory. Communications in Mathematical Physics, 300 (3). pp. 715-739. ISSN 0010-3616

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In this work we show that bipartite quantum states with local Hilbert space dimension n can violate a Bell inequality by a factor of order Ω(√n∕Log2n) when observables with n possible outcomes are used. A central tool in the analysis is a close relation between this problem and operator space theory and, in particular, the very recent noncommutative Lp embedding theory.
As a consequence of this result, we obtain better Hilbert space dimension witnesses and quantum violations of Bell inequalities with better resistance to noise.

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Palabras clave:Banach-spaces; Quantum entanglement
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