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Integrating T-cell epitope annotations with sequence and structural information using DAS


Diez Rivero, Carmen y García Boronat, María y Reche, Pedro A (2008) Integrating T-cell epitope annotations with sequence and structural information using DAS. Bioinformation, 3 (4). pp. 156-8. ISSN 0973-2063

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Immunoinformatics is an emerging new field that benefits from computational analyses and tools that facilitate the understanding of the immune system. A large number of immunoinformatics resources such as immune-related databases and analysis software are available through the World Wide Web for the benefit of the research community. However, immunoinformatics developments have sometimes remained isolated from mainstream bioinformatics. Therefore, there is clearly a need for integration, which will empower the exchange of data and annotations within the scientific community in a quick and efficient fashion. Here, we have chosen the Distributed Annotation System (DAS), for integrating in house annotations on experimental and predicted HLA I-restriction elements of CD8 T-cell epitopes with sequence and structural information.

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Palabras clave:DAS; Annotation; Epitope; HLA I
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Ciencias > Informática > Bioinformática
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