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La eutanasia: perspectiva ética, jurídica y médica

Serrano Ruiz-Calderón, José Miguel and Nombela, Cesar and Postigo Solana, Elena and ABellan Salort, Jose and Lopez Timoneda, Francisco and Prensa Sepulveda, Lucía (2008) La eutanasia: perspectiva ética, jurídica y médica.


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In view of the intense pressures being exerted on Spanish public opinion to induce it to consent to the legalization of assisted suicide and euthanasia, it is necessary to defend the dignity of natural death as the end of every human life.

The life of a human being is inviolable due to its intrinsic dignity, a dignity which can not be subject to gradations since it is universal, independent of the age, health or autonomy situation of an individual; a dignity which is radically linked to the fundamental rights of all human beings.

That dignity, which is inherent to every human life, entails the right of every person to life, a right that cannot be waived. It is the inexcusable duty of the government to protect it and to take care of it, even when the person, its holder, seems not to value it.

In compliance with this duty, the most responsible governments recognize the right of every person to the most advanced health treatments. It is contradictory to accept this and to deliberately promote the ending of the life of those who may arrive at situations of weakness, dependency on others, and/or terminal disease.

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