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Alternative use of deinking sludge as a source of fibers in fiber-cement manufacture


Blanco Suárez, Ángeles and Negro Álvarez, Carlos Manuel and Fuente González, Elena de la and Sánchez, Luis Miguel (2008) Alternative use of deinking sludge as a source of fibers in fiber-cement manufacture. Cellulose Chemistry and Technology, 42 (1-3). pp. 89-95. ISSN 0576-9787


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The present paper, contributing to solving two different problems related both to the chemical industry and
the environment, is a feasibility study on the utilization of the deinking sludge (the most important waste
from papermaking) as a raw material for fiber-cement manufacture, in which asbestos has been recently
replaced by other fibers because of the hazard it induces. The results obtained show that the use of deinking
sludge as a source of cellulose in fiber-cement manufacture is feasible and could improve product strength, if
5% of the virgin fibers are replaced by fibers and fines from the deinking sludge. It is also possible to replace
up to 10% of the virgin fibers, with no loss in product strength. These results, if confirmed on a mill scale,
would improve the economy of the process, as due to lower waste costs.

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