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Geometric motivic Poincaré series of quasi-ordinary singularities


González Pérez, Pedro Daniel and Cobo Pablos, Maria Helena (2010) Geometric motivic Poincaré series of quasi-ordinary singularities. Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, 149 (1). pp. 49-74. ISSN 1469-8064


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Geometric motivic Poincaré series of a germ at a singular point of complex algebraic variety describes the truncated images of the space of arcs through the singular point. Denef and Loeser proved that it has a rational form. In this paper, the authors study an irreducible germ of quasi-ordinary hypersurface singularities and introduce the notion of logarithmic Jacobian ideals. The main result of this paper is to give the explicit rational form of geometric motivic Poincaré series of such a singularity in terms of the lattice and the Newton polyhedra of the logarithmic Jacobian ideals.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Arc space; Quasi-ordinary singularities
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