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ISS nocturnal images as a scientific tool against Light Pollution


Zamorano Calvo, Jaime and Sánchez de Miguel, Alejandro and Pascual Ramírez, Sergio and Gómez Castaño, José and Ramírez Moreta, Pablo and Challupner, Peter (2011) ISS nocturnal images as a scientific tool against Light Pollution. [ LICA report; ] (Unpublished)



The potential of the night pictures taken from the International Space Station (ISS) with a Nikon D3s digital camera to fight against light pollution is shown. A scientific analysis of ISS026-E-26493 RAW image of Madrid at night with techniques used by astronomers and cartographers is performed. We suggest an observational setup to obtain useful scientific information from the pictures including series of exposures and calibration frames.

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Submitted to MS, Sue Runco, Head of the Crew Earth Observation, NASA JSC Imaging Lab

Subjects:Sciences > Physics > Astrophysics
Sciences > Physics > Aeronautics
Sciences > Physics > Astronomy
Sciences > Physics > Atmospheric physics
Series Name:LICA report
ID Code:12729

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