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K3 double structures on Enriques surfaces and their smoothings


Gallego Rodrigo, Francisco Javier y Purnaprajna, Bangere P. y González Andrés, Miguel (2008) K3 double structures on Enriques surfaces and their smoothings. Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra , 212 (5). pp. 981-993. ISSN 0022-4049

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Let Y be a smooth Enriques surface. A K3 carpet on Y is a double structure on Y with the same invariants as a smooth K3 surface (i.e., regular and with trivial canonical sheaf). The surface Y possesses an etale K3 double cover X ->(pi) over barY. We prove that pi can be deformed to a family X -> P-T*(N) of projective embeddings of K3 surfaces and that any projective K3 carpet on Y arises from such a family as the flat limit of smooth, embedded K3 surfaces.

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Palabras clave:Stable vector-bundles; Rank-2; Ribbons; P3
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