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Molecular-scale surface processes during the growth of calcite in the presence of manganese

Astilleros García-Monge, José Manuel and Pina Martínez, Carlos Manuel and Fernández Díaz, Lourdes and Putnis, Andrew (2002) Molecular-scale surface processes during the growth of calcite in the presence of manganese. Geochimica et cosmochimica acta, 66 (18). pp. 3177-3189. ISSN 0016-7037

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Abstract—This paper deals with the growth behaviour of the Mn-Ca-CO3-H2O solid solution-aqueous
solution system on calcite {1014} surfaces. This system represents a model example, which allows us to study
the effect of a number of controlling factors on the crystallisation: (1) the supersaturation function, (x), and
nucleation rate function, J(x), for the Mn-Ca-CO3-H2O system, (2) the relationship of such functions to the
molecular scale growth mechanisms operating on growing surfaces, and (3) the surface structure of the calcite
{1014} faces. In situ atomic force microscopy (AFM) growth experiments revealed a wide variety of surface
phenomena, such as the transition between growth mechanisms, anisotropic changes in the step rates, and the
influence of the Mn-bearing newly formed surface on subsequent growth (step stoppage followed by the
formation of two-dimensional nuclei and the reproduction of the original calcite {1014} surface microtopography).
These phenomena result from the interplay between the controlling parameters and are explained in
those terms

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Crystal Growth; Molecular Surface; Calcite; Manganese
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