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Nanoscale phenomena during the growth of solid solutions on calcite {101¯4} surfaces


Astilleros García-Monge, José Manuel and Pina Martínez, Carlos Manuel and Fernández Díaz, Lourdes and Prieto Rubio, Manuel and Putnis, Andrew (2006) Nanoscale phenomena during the growth of solid solutions on calcite {101¯4} surfaces. Chemical geology, 225 . pp. 322-335. ISSN 0009-2541

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This work deals with the growth behaviour of calcite {101¯4} surfaces in contact with multicomponent aqueous solutions
containing divalent cations (Ba2+, Sr2+, Mn2+, Cd2+, or Mg2+). The result is the formation of solid solutions, with calcite or
aragonite as one of the end-members. In situ atomic force microscopy has revealed a wide variety of surface phenomena occurring
during the formation of these solid solutions. Among them are: (1) the thickening of growth steps and the subsequent dissolution of
surfaces followed by the nucleation of secondary three-dimensional nuclei on calcite surfaces, (2) the transition between growth
mechanisms, (3) the formation of an epitaxial layer that armours the substrate from further dissolution and (4) the inhibitory effect
of the newly formed surface on the subsequent growth (template effect). The two last phenomena can considerably limit
coprecipitation as an effective mechanism for divalent metal uptake. All the phenomena described are a consequence of the
interplay between thermodynamics, supersaturation of the aqueous solution with respect to the possible solid solutions and the
crystallographic control of the surfaces on the cation incorporation, and indicates that there are many differences between the
crystal growth of solid solutions and phases with fixed composition.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Calcite; Solid solution–aqueous solution; Atomic force microscopy; Crystal growth; Mineral surfaces
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