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On o-minimal homotopy groups


Baro González, Elías and Otero, Margarita (2010) On o-minimal homotopy groups. Quarterly Journal of Mathematics , 61 (3). pp. 275-289. ISSN 0033-5606


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We work over an o-minimal expansion of a real closed field. The o-minimal homotopy groups of a definable set are defined naturally using definable continuous maps. We prove that any two semialgebraic maps which are definably homotopic are also semialgebraically homotopic. This result together with known results on semialgebraic homotopy allows us to develop an o-minimal homotopy theory. In particular, we obtain o-minimal versions of the Hurewicz theorems and the Whitehead theorem.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:O-minimal homotopy groups
Subjects:Sciences > Mathematics > Algebra
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