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Schwarzenberger bundles of arbitrary rank on the projective space


Arrondo Esteban, Enrique (2010) Schwarzenberger bundles of arbitrary rank on the projective space. Journal of the london mathematical society-second series, 82 (Part 3). pp. 697-716. ISSN 0024-6107

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We introduce a generalized notion of Schwarzenberger bundle on the projective space. Associated to this more general definition, we give an ad hoc notion of jumping subspaces of a Steiner bundle on P(n) (which in rank n coincides with the notion of unstable hyperplane introduced by Valles, Ancona and Ottaviani). For the set of jumping hyperplanes, we find a sharp bound for its dimension. We also classify those Steiner bundles whose set of jumping hyperplanes have maximal dimension and prove that they are generalized Schwarzenberger bundles.

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Palabras clave:Vector-bundles; Hyperplanes; Curves
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