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New l(1)-gradient type estimates of solutions to one-dimensional quasilinear parabolic systems


Díaz Díaz, Jesús Ildefonso y Antontsev, S.N. (2010) New l(1)-gradient type estimates of solutions to one-dimensional quasilinear parabolic systems. Communications in contemporary mathematics, 12 (1). pp. 85-106. ISSN 0219-1997

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We consider a general class of one-dimensional parabolic systems, mainly coupled in the diffusion term, which, in fact, can be of the degenerate type. We derive some new L(1)-gradient type estimates for its solutions which are uniform in the sense that they do not depend on the coefficients nor on the size of the spatial domain. We also give some applications of such estimates to gas dynamics, filtration problems, a p-Laplacian parabolic type equation and some first order systems of Hamilton-Jacobi or conservation laws type.

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Palabras clave:laminar hot gas; renormalized solutions; elliptic-equations; colder atmosphere; discharge; existence; space; L(1)-gradient estimates; quasilinear parabolic systems; first order hyperbolic systems
Materias:Ciencias > Matemáticas > Geometría diferencial
Ciencias > Matemáticas > Ecuaciones diferenciales
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