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Wave fronts may move upstream in semiconductor superlattices

Carpio Rodríguez, Ana María and Bonilla , L.L. and Wacker , A. and Schöll, E. (2000) Wave fronts may move upstream in semiconductor superlattices. Physical Review E, 61 (5). ISSN 1539-3755

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In weakly coupled, current biased, doped semiconductor superlattices. domain walls may move upstream against the flow of electrons. For appropriate doping values, a domain wall separating two electric-field domains moves downstream below a first critical current, it remains stationary between this value and a second critical current, and then moves upstream above. These conclusions are reached by using a comparison principle to analyze a discrete drift-diffusion model, and validated by numerical simulations. Possible experimental realizations are suggested.

Item Type:Article
Uncontrolled Keywords:Electric-field domains; Gaas-Alas superlattices; Negative differential conductivity; Charge-density waves; ; Transport phenomenon; Self oscillations; Bifurcation; Stability; Dynamics
Subjects:Sciences > Physics > Mathematical physics
ID Code:15104

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