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Order-Restricted Dose-Related Trend Phi-Divergence Tests For Generalized Linear Models


Felipe Ortega, Ángel and Menéndez Calleja, María Luisa and Pardo Llorente, Leandro (2007) Order-Restricted Dose-Related Trend Phi-Divergence Tests For Generalized Linear Models. Journal of Applied Statistics, 34 (5). pp. 611-623. ISSN 0266-4763

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In This Paper A New Family Of Test Statistics Is Presented For Testing The Independence.
Between The Binary Response Y And An Ordered Categorical Explanatory Variable X (Doses) Against The
Alternative Hypothesis Of An Increase Dose-Response Relationship Between A Response Variable Y And
X (Doses). The Properties Of These Test Statistics Are Studied. This New Family Of Test Statistics Is Based
On The Family Of Φ-Divergence Measures And Contains As A Particular Case The Likelihood Ratio Test.
We Pay Special Attention To The Family Of Test Statistics Associated With The Power Divergence Family.
A Simulation Study Is Included In Order To Analyze The Behavior Of The Power Divergence Family Of Test

Item Type:Article
Uncontrolled Keywords:Phi-Divergence Test Statistic; Isotonic Regression; Response Variable; Explanatory Variable;Statistics & Probability
Subjects:Sciences > Mathematics > Mathematical statistics
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