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Entropy Numbers of Embeddings of Besov Spaces in Generalized Lipschitz Spaces


Cobos, Fernando y Kühn, Thomas (2001) Entropy Numbers of Embeddings of Besov Spaces in Generalized Lipschitz Spaces. Journal of Approximation Theory, 112 (1). pp. 73-92. ISSN 1096-0430

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We establish two-sided estimates for entropy numbers of embeddings between certain weighted Banach sequence spaces with mixed norms. These estimates are‘‘almost’’ sharp, in the sense that upper and lower bounds differ only by logarithmic terms and improve previous results by D. E. Edmunds and D. Haroske (1999,Dissertationes Math. 380, 1–43; 2000, J. Approx. Theory 104, 226–271). As an application we obtain also new upper entropy estimates for embeddings of Besovspaces in generalized Lipschitz spaces.

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Palabras clave:Entropy Numbers; Besov Spaces; Lipschitz Spaces; Complex Interpolation; Gaussian Processes; Mathematics
Materias:Ciencias > Matemáticas > Análisis funcional y teoría de operadores
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