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The Gonality Of Riemann Surfaces Under Projections By Normal Coverings


Bujalance, E. and Etayo Gordejuela, J. Javier and Gamboa, J. M. and Gromadzki, G. (2011) The Gonality Of Riemann Surfaces Under Projections By Normal Coverings. Journal Of Pure And Applied Algebra, 215 (5). pp. 983-988. ISSN 0022-4049

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A compact Riemann surface X of genus g ≥ 2 which can be realized as a q-fold, normal covering of a compact Riemann surface of genus p is said to be (q, p)-gonal.
In particular the notion of (2, p)-gonality coincides with p-hyperellipticity and (q, 0)-gonality coincides with ordinary q-gonality.
Here we completely determine the relationship between the
gonalities of X and Y for an N-fold normal covering X → Y between compact Riemann surfaces X and Y.
As a consequence we obtain classical results due to Maclachlan (1971) [5] and Martens (1977) [6].

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