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Sums of squares in real analytic rings.


Fernando Galván, José Francisco (2002) Sums of squares in real analytic rings. Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, 354 (5). pp. 1909-1919. ISSN 0002-9947

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Let A be an analytic ring. We show:(1) A has finite Pythagoras number if and only if its real dimension is 2, and (2) if every positive semidefinite element of A is a sum of squares, then A is real and has real dimension 2.

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Palabras clave:Analytic ring; Positive semidefnite element; Sum of squares; Pythagoras number.
Materias:Ciencias > Matemáticas > Teoría de números
Ciencias > Matemáticas > Geometria algebraica
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