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Period Matrices Of Accola-Maclachlan And Kulkarni Surfaces


Gamboa, J. M. y Bujalance, E. y Costa Gonzalez, A.F. y Riera, G. (2000) Period Matrices Of Accola-Maclachlan And Kulkarni Surfaces. Annales Academiae , 25 (1). pp. 161-177. ISSN 1239-629X

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We compute the period matrices of the Riemann surfaces given by the equations w2 = z2g+2

Tipo de documento:Artículo
Palabras clave:Jacobian Variety; Torelli’s Theorem; Period Matrix; Accola-Maclachlan Surfaces; Kulkarni Surfaces
Materias:Ciencias > Matemáticas > Geometria algebraica
Código ID:15323

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