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Corrections and new developments in rigid earth nutation theory - III. Final tables "REN-2000" including crossed-nutation and spin-orbit coupling effects


Souchay, J. y Loysel, B. y Kinoshita, H. y Folgueira, Marta (1999) Corrections and new developments in rigid earth nutation theory - III. Final tables "REN-2000" including crossed-nutation and spin-orbit coupling effects. Astronomy & Astrophysics. Supplement Series, 135 . pp. 111-131. ISSN 0365-0138

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We present here the new tables REN-2000 of the nutation for a rigid Earth model, starting from Hamiltonian theory, with a level of truncature at 0.1 mu as for individual coefficients instead of 5 mu as (Kinoshita & Souchay 1990). For this presentation to be achieved we first carry out the calculations of the second-order effects due to crossed-nutations and spin-orbit coupling, at the same level of truncation as above. This paper is the third and last one in the frame of the complete reconstruction of the theory of the rigid Earth nutation. It is the complementary part to previous studies concerning the luni-solar nutation involving indirect planetary effects (Souchay & Kinoshita 1996), and the influence of the second-order geopotential (J(3), J(4)) and of the direct planetary effect (Souchay & Kinoshita 1997). Quasi-diurnal and sub-diurnal nutations coming from the harmonics of degree 2, 3 and 4 of the geopotential are also included in REN-2000, their values being taken from Folgueira et al. (1998a,b). A presentation of the series REN-2000 is done at the end of the paper, with separated informations for each contribution.

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