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Final implementation of SEACON: new scope and new open system platform.


Mahou, A L y Soto, F J y Blanco, F y Pastor, G y Serna, J y Alfageme, M A y Corera, J y Criado, R. y Ferrer, V y Martin, J y García-Santesmases, J M (1997) Final implementation of SEACON: new scope and new open system platform. In Power Industry Computer Applications., 1997. 20th International Conference on. IEEE Conference Publications . IEEE Xplore Digital Library , pp. 54-59. ISBN 0-7803-3713-1

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SEACON is a hybrid (heuristic & algorithmic)
expert system for contingency analysis and preventive or
corrective control of the transmission network, that has been
recently redesigned to implement new end user requirements
and to increase its performance. This paper describes the
main results and the operational experience from the
development and implementation of a new system based on
the initial idea. Software reuse strategies became capital in
this project. The new design includes advanced functionalities
demanded by the practical use of the former system. Because
of the high performance of the new system (up to fifteen times
faster than the original) and its friendly user interface,
SEACON has become a very valuable tool among dispatchers.
SEACON is in operation in the Red Electrica’s National
Control Centre and in Iberdrola’s Central and Regional
Control Centres, dealing with transmission and
subtransmission networks (ranging between 4OOkV and
66kV), attached to the on-line state estimators and screening over 2000 possible contingencies. Results are presented using natural language, and a client-server scheme provided for corporate access.
KeywOrdr - Expert system, security assessment,
contingency analysis, power systems, real-time system,

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Conference Publications

Palabras clave:Expert system, Security assessment,Contingency analysis, Power systems, Real-time system,Software reuse.
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