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Analysis of a multiserver queue with setup times


Artalejo, Jesús R. y Economou, Antonis y Lopez-Herrero, M. J. (2005) Analysis of a multiserver queue with setup times. Queueing Systems, 51 (1-2). pp. 53-76. ISSN 0257-0130

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This paper deals with the analysis of an M/M/c queueing system with setup times. This queueing model captures the major characteristics of phenomena occurring in production when the system consists in a set of machines monitored by a single operator.We carry out an extensive analysis of the system including limiting distribution of the system state, waiting time analysis, busy period and maximum queue length.

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We thank the referees for their constructive comments on an earlier version of the paper. J.R. Artalejo and M.J. Lopez-Herrero thank the support received from DGINV through the research project BFM2002-02189. A. Economou was supported by the University of Athens grant ELKE/70/4/6415 and by the Greek Ministry of Education and European Union Program PYTHAGORAS/2004.

Palabras clave:Queueing Performance, Multiserver Queue, Setup Times, Continuous Time Markov Chain, Difference Equations, Matrix Geometric Solutions, Numerical Inversion
Materias:Ciencias > Matemáticas > Investigación operativa
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