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A generalization of Andreev theorem


Díaz Sánchez, Raquel (2006) A generalization of Andreev theorem. Journal of the mathematical society of japan, 58 (2). pp. 333-349. ISSN 0025-5645

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Andreev's Theorem studies the existence of compact hyperbolic polyhedra of a given combinatorial type and given dihedral angles, all of them acute. In this paper we consider the same problem but without any restriction on the dihedral angles. We solve it for the descendants of the tetrahedron, i.e. those polyhedra that can be obtained from the tetrahedron by successively truncating vertices; for instance, the first of them is the triangular prism.

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Palabras clave:hyperbolic polyhedra; dihedral angles; Andreev's Theorem
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