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THOTL: A timed extension of HOTL


García Merayo, Mercedes and Núñez García, Manuel and Rodríguez Laguna, Ismael (2008) THOTL: A timed extension of HOTL. In Testing of Software and Communicating Systems, Proceedings. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (5047 ). SPRINGER-VERLAG BERLIN, Berlín, 86-102 . ISBN 978-3-540-68514-2

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THOTL represents a conservative extension of HOTL (Hypotheses and Observations Testing Logic) to deal with systems where time plays a fundamental role. We adapt some of the HOTL rules to cope with the new framework. In addition, we introduce several specific hypotheses and rules to appropriately express time assumptions. We provide
a correctness result of THOTL with respect to a general notion of timed conformance.

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International Conference on Testomg of Software and Communicating Systems. JUN 10-13, 2008. Tokyo, JAPAN.

Uncontrolled Keywords:Finite-state machines; Systems; Automata; Hypotheses; Logic; Computer Science; Theory & Methods
Subjects:Sciences > Mathematics > Operations research
ID Code:15742

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