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Obstruction and some approximate controllability results for the burgers equation and related problems

Díaz Díaz, Jesús Ildefonso (1996) Obstruction and some approximate controllability results for the burgers equation and related problems. In Control of Partial Differential Equations and Applications. Lecture notes in pure and applied mathematics (174). Marcel Dekker, NEW YORK, pp. 63-76. ISBN 0-8247-9607-1

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The paper studies the approximate controllability for the Burgers equation. Due to the presence of a superlinear term, an obstruction phenomenon arises which implies a lack of approximate controllability in spaces of type L^p or $C$. However, the author is able to prove several controllability results under suitable constraints on the desired state. Finally, a necessary condition for the approximate controllability of the Navier-Stokes system on a rectangle is given.

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IFIP TC7/WG-7.2 Conference on Control of Partial Differential Equations and Applications. LAREDO, SPAIN. 1994

Uncontrolled Keywords:approximate controllability; Burgers equation; Navier-Stokes system
Subjects:Sciences > Mathematics > Differential equations
ID Code:15864

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