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Stochastic analysis of a single server retrial queue with general retrial times


Gómez-Corral, Antonio (1999) Stochastic analysis of a single server retrial queue with general retrial times. Naval Research Logistics (NRL), 46 (5). pp. 561-581. ISSN 0894-069X

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Retrial queueing systems are widely used in teletraffic theory and computer and communication networks. Although there has been a rapid growth in the literature on retrial queueing systems, the research on retrial queues with nonexponential retrial times is very limited. This paper is concerned with the analytical treatment of an M/G/1 retrial queue with general retrial times. Our queueing model is different from most single server retrial queueing models in several respectives. First, customers who find the server busy are queued in the orbit in accordance with an FCFS (first-come-first-served) discipline and only the customer at the head of the queue is allowed for access to the server. Besides, a retrial time begins (if applicable) only when the server completes a service rather upon a sen ice attempt failure. We carry out an extensive analysis of the queue, including a necessary and sufficient condition for the system to be stable, the steady state distribution of the server state and the orbit length, the waiting time distribution, the busy period, and other related quantities. Finally, we study the joint distribution of the server state and the orbit length in non-stationary regime.

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Palabras clave:retrial queueing systems; single server retrial queue; nonexponential distribution; waiting time; busy period; steady state distribution; orbit length
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