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The ambipolar filamentation in the warm ionized medium


Franqueira, M. and Tagger, M. and Gómez de Castro, Ana Inés (2004) The ambipolar filamentation in the warm ionized medium. Astrophysics and space science, 292 . pp. 155-160. ISSN 0004-640X

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We present the 2-D, two fluid ( ions + neutrals) numerical simulations that we are carrying out in order to study the ambipolar filamentation process, in which a magnetized, partially ionized plasma is stirred by turbulence in the ambipolar frequency range. The higher turbulent velocity of the neutrals in the most ionized regions gives rise to a non-linear force driving them out of these regions, and causes the ions and the magnetic flux to condense in the most ionized regions, resulting in a filamentary structure where initial ionization inhomogeneities are amplified. This mechanism might help to explain some features observed in magnetized and partially ionized astrophysical plasmas as the interstellar medium.

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International Workshop on Magnetic Fields and Star Formation, APR 21-25, 2003, Madrid, SPAIN

Uncontrolled Keywords:Turbulent magnetic-fields; waves; magnetohydrodynamics; turbulence; ISM : magnetic fields; numerical methods
Subjects:Sciences > Mathematics > Astronomy
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