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Coastal sedimentary environments and sea-level changes

Dabrio, Cristino J. (2000) Coastal sedimentary environments and sea-level changes. Ciencias da Terra, 14 . pp. 39-54. ISSN 0254-055X

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A detailed knowledge of the 3-D arrangement and lateral facies relationships of the stacking patterns in coastal deposits is
essential to approach many geological problems such as precise tracing of sea level changes, particularly during small scale fluctuations.
These are useful data regarding the geodynamic evolution of basin margins and yield profit in oil exploration. Sediment
supply, wave-and tidal processes, coastal morphology, and accommodation space generated by eustasy and tectonics govern the
highly variable architecture of sedimentary bodies deposited in coastal settings. But these parameters change with time, and erosional
surfaces may play a prominent role in areas located towards land. Besides, lateral shift of erosional or even depositional loci
very often results in destruction oflarge parts ofthe sediment record. Several case studies illustrate some commonly found arrangements
offacies and their distinguishing features. The final aim is to get the best results from the sedimentological analysis of coastal
o conhecimento detalhado do arranjo tridimensional e das relayoes laterais de facies nos depositos costeiros sao essenciais para
definir, corn precisao, as variayoes do nivel do mar, em especial as flutuayoes de pequena escala. Estas fornecem dados uteis para 0
reconhecimento da evoluyao geodinamica das margens das bacias bem como para a pesquisa e explorayao de petroleo. 0 acarreio
sedimentar, os processos ondulatorios e de mares, a morfologia costeira e 0 espayo de acomodayao gerado pela eustasia e pela
tectonica sao os responsaveis pela arquitectura muito variavel dos corpos sedimentares depositados em arnbientes costeiros. Todavia,
estes parametros variam no tempo, e as superficies de erosao podem ter papel importante nas areas proximas do continente. Alem
disso, a deslocayao lateral da erosao ou mesmo lacunas sedimentares conduzem, corn frequencia, a destruiyao de parte significativa
do registo sedimentar. Apresentam-se exemplos que ilustram alguns arranjos frequentes de facies e os seus parametros caracteristicos
corn vista a obter os melhores resultados na analise sedimentologica das unidades costeiras.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:coastal sedimentation; Eustatic changes; Stratigraphic architecture; Tectonics; Accommodation space; Cainozoic; Sedimentaçao costeira; Variaçoes eustiticas; Arquitectura estratigrafica; Tectonica; Espaço de acomodaçao; Cenozoico
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