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Evidence for an ionized rotating structure around RW Aur


Gómez de Castro, Ana Inés and Verdugo, Eva (2004) Evidence for an ionized rotating structure around RW Aur. Astrophysics and space science, 292 . pp. 691-696. ISSN 0004-640X

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Profiles of the UV semiforbidden lines of C III](1908) and Si III](1892) of RW Aur have been obtained with the HST/STIS. The C III](1908) profile shows two high velocity components at v = +/- 170 km s(-1) and a central one. The Si III](1892) profile is very broad (FWHM = 293 km s(-1)) and the high velocity components are unresolved. It is shown that the high velocity components are most probably produced in a rotating belt alike the detected in other sources of bipolar outflows. A radius between 2.7 R-* and the corotation radius (6.1 R-*) is derived and a log T-e ( K) similar or equal to 4.7 and log n(e)(cm(-3)) = 11.6 are estimated. The belt is clumpy and the most likely source of heating is local X-rays radiation, probably associated with the release of magnetic energy.

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International Workshop on Magnetic Fields and Star Formation, APR 21-25, 2003, Madrid, SPAIN

Uncontrolled Keywords:T tauri stars; spectrograph observations; transition region; emission-line; young stars; asymmetries; accretion; aurigae; jet; chromosphere; stars : pre-main-sequence; stars : T tauri; stars : individual : RW aur
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