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The Aron-Berner extension, Goldstine's theorem and P-continuity


García González, Ricardo and Jaramillo Aguado, Jesús Ángel and Llavona, José G. (2011) The Aron-Berner extension, Goldstine's theorem and P-continuity. Mathematische Nachrichten, 284 (5-6). pp. 694-702. ISSN 0025-584X

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In this paper we show that the Aron-Berner type extension of polynomials preserves the P-continuity property. To this end we introduce a new version of Goldstine's Theorem for locally complemented subspaces.

Item Type:Article
Uncontrolled Keywords:Aron-Berner extension, P-continuity, polynomials, Banach spaces
Subjects:Sciences > Mathematics > Functional analysis and Operator theory
ID Code:16211

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