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Global inversion and covering maps on length spaces


Garrido, M. Isabel y Gutú, Olivia y Jaramillo Aguado, Jesús Ángel (2010) Global inversion and covering maps on length spaces. Nonlinear Analysis-Theory Methods & Applications, 73 (5). pp. 1364-1374. ISSN 0362-546X

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In order to obtain global inversion theorems for mappings between length metric spaces, we investigate sufficient conditions for a local homeomorphism to be a covering map in this context. We also provide an estimate of the domain of invertibility of a local homeomorphism around a point, in terms of a kind of lower scalar derivative. As a consequence, we obtain an invertibility result using an analog of the Hadamard integral condition in the frame of length spaces. Some applications are given to the case of local diffeomorphisms between Banach-Finsler manifolds. Finally, we derive a global inversion theorem for mappings between stratified groups.

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Palabras clave:Global inversion; Length spaces; Coverings maps; Banach-Finsler manifolds
Materias:Ciencias > Matemáticas > Análisis matemático
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