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New approach to gastronomy from bioeconomy and academic activity


Gómez Garay, Aranzazu y Martín Calvarro, Luisa y Pintos López, Beatriz y Ávalos García, Adolfo y Martín Gómez, M. Soledad y Pérez-Urria Carril, Elena (2012) New approach to gastronomy from bioeconomy and academic activity. Proceedings of EDULEARN12 Conference . 0873-0877. ISSN 978-84-695-3491-5

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The Complutense University of Madrid offers, besides the official educational programs, others specialized courses which aim is to update the knowledge and develop personal and professional competitions. These programs answer to a social demand on providing formation with professional
immediate projection establishing a direct relation between the academic activity and the social reality. In this context we develop our project "Science and art in gastronomy: gastronomic botany and molecular gastronomy" with the aim to establish and organize the exchange of knowledge and business in this area. In this way we are working to join the scientific knowledge to the health and the social well-being, without losing the current perspective from the bioeconomy which look forward the
generation of wealth and work.

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Palabras clave:Gastronomy, Bioeconomy, Health, Social well-being, New learning and teaching model
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Ciencias Biomédicas > Medicina > Dietética y nutrición
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