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Herbig-Haro objects in the star formation region NGC-7129



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Eiroa, C. y Gómez de Castro, Ana Inés y Miranda , L. F. (1992) Herbig-Haro objects in the star formation region NGC-7129. Astronomy & Astrophysics. Supplement Series, 92 (4). pp. 721-728. ISSN 0365-0138

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URL Oficial: http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/1992A&AS...92..721E


We have obtained new deep I, H(alpha) and [SII] CCD images of several fields in the star formation region NGC 7129. The data are presented in the form of grey-level pictures or isocontour plots. A large and complex nebulosity has been discovered in the field around the HH objects GGD 32 and HH 103. The nebulosity is formed by a diffuse component and several 'streamers' or filament-like structures and many HH clumps, among which GGD 32 and HH 103 are just the two most outstanding ones. The large nebulosity coincides with the western blueshifted CO peak of the outflow associated with the southern far-infrared source in NGC 7129. In addition, our images reveal some new morphological details about the previously known objects GGD 33-35 and HH 105. A large variety of excitation conditions is suggested by the relative H(alpha), [SII] ratios observed in the HH nebulosities. As a whole, the data show that the outflow activity in NGC 7129 is much more complicated than we expected.

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Palabras clave:Young stars; high-resolution; exciting stars; ccd images; jets; spectroscopy; emission; Herbig-Haro objects; interstellar medium reflection nebulae NGC-7129
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