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Classification of rational unicuspidal projective curves whose singularities have one Puiseux pair


Fernández de Bobadilla de Olarzábal, Javier José and Luengo Velasco, Ignacio and Melle Hernández, Alejandro and Némethi , A. (2007) Classification of rational unicuspidal projective curves whose singularities have one Puiseux pair. In Real and complex singularities. Trends in Mathematics . Birkhauser Boston, Birkhauser Boston, 675 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, Ma 02139-2333 Usa, pp. 31-45. ISBN 3-7643-7775-5

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It is a very old and interesting open problem to characterize those collections of embedded topological types of local plane curve singularities which may appear as singularities of a projective plane curve C of degree d. The goal of the present article is to give a complete (topological) classification of those cases when C is rational and it has a unique singularity which is locally irreducible (i.e., C is unicuspidal) with one Puiseux pair.

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Conference: 8th Workshop on Real and Complex Singularities Location: Luminy, France Date: Jul. 19-23, 2004

Uncontrolled Keywords:Cuspidal rational plane curves; Logarithmic Kodaira dimension
Subjects:Sciences > Mathematics > Algebraic geometry
ID Code:16589

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