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Aggressiveness can be psychobiologically milded: 1. Biology does not condemn humanity to violence


Ramirez, J. Martin (2012) Aggressiveness can be psychobiologically milded: 1. Biology does not condemn humanity to violence. In International Conference on Nuclear Threats and Security, Dubrovnik, 14th –17th September 2012, Dubrovnik.

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A brief history on the preparation of the Seville Statement on Violence (SSV) and a short exposition of its propositions are provided. The SSV was originated by an ISRA (International Society for Research on Aggression)
launched UN-Committee in the late seventies of the past century. Which were the main reasons which urged us to elaborate the Statement, which difficulties were found on the way and how finally that first 'scientific' step
towards peace was achieved? Its final product, elaborated by more than twenty scholars from different scientific disciplines and from all continents, was presented in Seville in 1986, at the VI Coloquio Internacional sobre
Cerebro y Agresión (CICA). Three years later, it was endorsed by the 25th General Conference of UNESCO, in Paris. Its main message is that violence and war are not genetically inavoidable, that human nature does not obly us
to behave violently.

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