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Duality and reflexivity in spaces of polynomials


Jaramillo Aguado, Jesús Ángel y Moraes, L.A. (2000) Duality and reflexivity in spaces of polynomials. Archiv der Mathematik, 74 (4). pp. 282-293. ISSN 0003-889X

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We first study the reflexivity of the space P(E-m,F) of continuous m-homogeneous polynomials between Banach spaces E and F. Then, in a more general way, we obtain conditions under which the spaces P(E-m,F)(n) and P(E-m",F") are canonically isomorphic.

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Palabras clave:Weakly uniformly continuous on bounded subsets; norming points; integral polynomials; nuclear polynomials; Schauder decomposition; space of all continuousm-homogeneous polynomials; space of holomorphic mappings of bounded type; mappingswhich are weakly uniform continuous on bounded subsets; reflexivity; reflexive;approximation property; compact-open topology; biduality; Q-reflexivity; Aron-Berner extension; Radon-Nikodým property
Materias:Ciencias > Matemáticas > Análisis funcional y teoría de operadores
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