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Global topological properties of the Hopf bifurcation


Rodríguez Sanjurjo, José Manuel (2007) Global topological properties of the Hopf bifurcation. Journal of Differential Equations, 243 (2). pp. 238-255. ISSN 0022-0396

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We study the homotopical and homological properties of the attractors evolving from a generalized Hopf bifurcation. We consider the Lorenz equations for parameter values near the Hopf bifurcation and study a natural Morse decomposition of the global attractor, calculating the Cech homotopy type of the Lorenz attractor, the shape indexes of the Morse sets and the Morse equation of the decomposition.

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Palabras clave:Hopf bifurcation; Lorenz equations; Lorenz attractor; Morse equations; Conley index; Cohomological index
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Ciencias > Matemáticas > Topología
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