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Clustering and phase resetting in a chain of bistable nonisochronous oscillators


Makarov, Valeri A. and Nekorkin, Vladimir I. and Velarde, Manuel G. (1998) Clustering and phase resetting in a chain of bistable nonisochronous oscillators. Physical Review E, 58 (5). pp. 5742-5747. ISSN 1539-3755

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We consider a chain with many locally coupled bistable nonisochronous oscillators. We show that on the "background" of a disordered amplitude distribution either phase or frequency clusters form in the chain. Cluster location varies according to the amplitude distribution. In the case of frequency clusters their interaction leads to phase resetting in an isolated oscillator located between two neighboring frequency clusters.

Item Type:Article
Uncontrolled Keywords:Globally coupled oscillators; Synchronization; Lattices; Populations; Behavior; Networks; Chaos
Subjects:Sciences > Physics > Mathematical physics
ID Code:17047

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