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p-symmetric bi-capacities


Miranda Menéndez, Pedro y Grabisch, Michel (2004) p-symmetric bi-capacities. Kybernetika, 40 (4). pp. 421-440. ISSN 0023-5954

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Bi-capacities have been recently introduced as a natural generalization of capacities (or fuzzy measures) when the underlying scale is bipolar. They allow to build more flexible models in decision making, although their complexity is of order 3(n), instead of 2(n) for fuzzy measures. In order to reduce the complexity, the paper proposes the notion of p-symmetric bi-capacities, in the same spirit as for p-symmetric fuzzy measures. The main idea is to partition the set of criteria (or states of nature, individuals, ... ) into subsets whose elements are all indifferent for the decision maker.

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Palabras clave:bi-capacity, bipolar scales, p-symmetry
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