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Approaching an extinction point in one-dimensional semilinear heat-equations with strong absorption


Herrero, Miguel A. y Velázquez, J.J. L. (1992) Approaching an extinction point in one-dimensional semilinear heat-equations with strong absorption. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 170 (2). pp. 353-381. ISSN 0022-247X

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This paper deals with the Cauchy problem
u(t)-u(xx)+u(p)=0; -infinity<x<+infinity, t>o,
u(x, 0)=u(0)(x); -infinity<x<+infinity,
where 0<p<1 and u(0)(X)is continuous, nonnegative, and bounded. In this case, solutions are known to vanish in a finite time T, and interfaces separating the regions where u(x,t)>0 and u(x,t)=0 appear when t is close to T. We describe here all possible asymptotic behaviours of solutions and interfaces near an extinction point as the extinction time is approached. We also give conditions under which some of these behaviours actually occur.

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Palabras clave:One-dimensional semilinear heat equations; interfaces; extinction point
Materias:Ciencias > Matemáticas > Ecuaciones diferenciales
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