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Thickness Dependent Magnetic Anisotropy of Ultrathin LCMO Epitaxial Thin Films



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Nemes, Norbert Marcel y García Hernández, Mar y Szatmári, Zsolt y Fehér, Titusz y Simon, Ferenc y Visani, Cristina y Peña, Vanessa y Miller, Christian y Garcia Barriocanal, Javier y Bruno, Flavio Yair y Sefrioui, Zouhair y León Yebra, Carlos y Santamaría Sánchez-Barriga, Jacobo (2009) Thickness Dependent Magnetic Anisotropy of Ultrathin LCMO Epitaxial Thin Films. IEEE transactions on magnetics, 44 (11). pp. 2926-2929. ISSN 0018-9464

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URL Oficial: http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/TMAG.2008.2001523


The magnetic properties of La_0.7Ca_0.3Mn_O3 (LCMO) manganite thin films were studied with magnetometry and ferromagnetic resonance as a function of film thickness. They maintain the colossal magnetoresistance behavior with a pronounced metal-insulator transition around 150-200 K, except for the very thinnest films studied (3 nm). Nevertheless, LCMO films as thin as 3 nm remain ferromagnetic, without a decrease in saturation magnetization, indicating an absence of dead-layers, although below approximately 6 nm the films remain insulating at low temperature. Magnetization hysteresis loops reveal that the magnetic easy axes lie in the plane of the film for thicknesses in the range of 4-15 nm. Ferromagnetic resonance studies confirm that the easy axes are in-plane, and find a biaxial symmetry in-plane with two, perpendicular easy axes. The directions of the easy axes with respect to the crystallographic directions of the cubic SrTiO_3 substrate differ by 45 deg in 4- and 15-nm-thick LCMO films.

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©2009 IEEE-Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. N. N. M. acknowledges the “Ramon y Cajal” fellowship of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Education. This work was supported in part by SPIN-MAT06024 C01 and C02 and by Marie-Curie-IRG grant No. 024861, and by OTKA PF63954, K68807 and NK60984.

Palabras clave:Epitaxial layers; Magnetic anisotropy; Magnetic resonance; Manganites; Thin films
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