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Antiviral Activity of Self‐Assembled Glycodendro[60]fullerene Monoadducts



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Muñoz, Antonio y Illescas, Beatriz M. y Luczkowiak, Joanna y Lasala, Fátima y Ribeiro Viana, Renato y Rojo, Javier y Delgado, Rafael y Martín, Nazario (2017) Antiviral Activity of Self‐Assembled Glycodendro[60]fullerene Monoadducts. Journal of materials chemistry B, 5 . pp. 6566-6571. ISSN 2050-750X (Print) 2050-7518 (On line)

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URL Oficial: http://pubs.rsc.org/en/content/articlelanding/2017/tb/c7tb01379e#!divAbstract


A series of amphiphilic glycodendro[60]fullerene monoadducts were efficiently synthesized using the CuAAC “click chemistry” approach. These glycodendrofullerenes can self‐assemble in aqueous media, in a process favoured through π‐ π interactions between the [60]fullerene moieties. This aggregation process leads to big and well‐defined compact micelles with a uniform size and spherical‐shape. The supramolecular aggregate was characterized using electronic microscopy (SEM and TEM), light scattering methods (DLS) and X‐ray methodologies (SAXS and XRD). The antiviral efficiency of these aggregates has been tested in an experimental infection assay using Ebola virus glycoprotein (EboGP) pseudotyped viral particles on Jurkat cells overexpressing DC‐SIGN and it is observed an improvement of the IC50 value with respect to other systems endowed with a higher number of carbohydrate ligands.

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