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Porosity of resin cements and resin-modified glass-ionomers


Miguel Calvo, Alicia and Macorra García, José Carlos de la and Nevado Rodríguez, Silvia and Gómez López, Javier (2001) Porosity of resin cements and resin-modified glass-ionomers. American journal of dentistry, 14 (1). pp. 17-21. ISSN 0894-8275



Purpose: to quantify the internal free surface in various resin cements and glass-ionomer-based materials.
Materials and methods: materials tested were Nexus fluid (NXF) and vicous (NXV), Vitremer (VTM), Fuji II LC (FII), Vitremer Luting Cement (VLC), Dyract (DYR) and Compoglass (COM). Samples (n=5)
were made of each material between two microscopic glass slides under same weight. With a transmitted light microscopy, four zones of each sample were evaluated, finding the number of porosities per mm² (NP), the average radius of porosities (RP), the ratio of total area of surface porosities (µ²) to area (mm²) of specimen surface (TA) and the ratio of total volume of porosities (µ²) to area (mm²) of material surface (VP).
Results: median test was used. NP: NXV, NXF and DYR had smaller than VTM and FII ans (likely) than VLC (P<0.0000001) RP was smaller for DYR than for VLC and (likely) than for NXV (P=0.00019). TA: NXV, NXF and DYR had smaller TA than VTM, FII and VLC (P<0.0000001). VP: NXV and DYR had smaller VP than FII and (likely) than VTM and VLC (P<0.0000001).

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