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Análisis de Mapas de Anomalías Gravimétricas en el Borde NE de la Placa Caribe



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Granja Bruña, José Luis y Carbó Gorosabel, Andrés y Muñoz Martín, Alfonso (2006) Análisis de Mapas de Anomalías Gravimétricas en el Borde NE de la Placa Caribe. In 5ª Asamblesa Hisapano-Portuguesa de Geodesia y Geofísica., 30 Enero- 3 Febrero 2006, Sevilla. (En prensa)

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Along the Eastern Greater Antilles (Hispaniola and Puerto Rico area) takes place the interaction between the Caribbean and North-American plates. This interaction produced inside a broad band of deformation with a complex and active tectonics. Here, many tectonic models have been proposed: strain partitioning, microplates tectonics, oblique subduction, opposing subducted slabs, crust arching, and tear fault in the downgoing plate. Except the seismological data that provide a general idea about the disposition of the lithospherics plates in depth, the most of models has been proposed from geodetic data (GPS), geological surface data (onland and onsea) and refection seismic data, so the models are constrained only in the superficial crust.
In this survey, an analysis of anomaly gravity maps is presented. Those maps have been realized from the gravity data acquired during the PRICO (1997) and GEOPRICO-DO (2005) marine geophysical surveys, on-land data and satellite gravity data. In the maps analysis we emphasize the extreme values of Bouguer gravity anomaly (-400 mGals) located in the oceanic crust of the North American plate and the maximum free air gravity anomaly of the Earth (-350 mGals) located in the Puerto Rico Trench. This analysis, integrated with geomagnetic, seismologic and deep seismic sounding data is the way to approach the study of deep crust and to can elaborate lithosphere models constrained in depth.

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Palabras clave:Placa Caribe; Placa Norteamericana; Anomalías gravimétricas
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