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Opportunity cost of CO2 emission reductions: developing vs. developed economies


Álvarez González, Francisco (2009) Opportunity cost of CO2 emission reductions: developing vs. developed economies. [ Workings Papers; nº 12, 2009, ]


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Presentamos evidencia empírica sobre convergencia en magnitudes medioambientales para países desarrollados y en vías de desarrollo. Además, partiendo de un modelo standard "putty-clay" de uso de energía, introducimos un stock de contaminación sobre el que se fija un objetivo de reducción de emisiones. El análisis teórico ofrece indicaciones sobre qué variables deberían ser objeto de futuros acuerdos de reducción de emisiones entre países heterogéneos.

Resumen (otros idiomas)

We present some empirical evidence on convergence of environmental magnitudes for a pool of developing and developed countries. Additional, we enlarge a standard model of energy use with putty-clay technology in order to allow for a stock of pollution, on which a target on emission reductions is set out in finite horizon. The theoretical analysis offers some insights on what variables should serve as basis of emission reduction target agreements among heterogeneous parties.

Item Type:Working Paper or Technical Report
Uncontrolled Keywords:Economía medioambiental, Convergencia, Reducción de emisiones.
Palabras clave (otros idiomas):Environment economy, Convergence, Emission reductions.
Subjects:Social sciences > Sociology > Ecology
Social sciences > Economics > Economic development
Series Name:Workings Papers
ID Code:9571

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