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El manto litosférico en el sureste de España: aportaciones de los xenolitos englobados en rocas alcalinas del mioceno-plioceno



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Seghedi, I. y Brandle, J.L. y Szakács, A. y Ancochea Soto, Eumenio y Vaselli, O. (2002) El manto litosférico en el sureste de España: aportaciones de los xenolitos englobados en rocas alcalinas del mioceno-plioceno. Geogaceta (32). pp. 27-30. ISSN 0213-683X

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Pliocene-Quaternary nephelinitic and alkali basaltic lavas and pyroclastic deposits from Cofrentes and
Tallante and Miocene lamproitic lavas from Aljorra host xenoliths and megacrysts of lithospheric mantle
origino The xenolith suite consists of spinel Iherzolites and harzburgites and with protogranular,
porphyroclastic and equigranular or transitional (protogranular to porphyroclastic) textures. The textural
features provide evidence of ductile-brittle deformation of Tallante xenoliths, whose mineralogy and mineral
chemistry data (presence of kaersutite and phlogopite) also bear evidence of fluid-induced metasomatism
of the lithospheric mantle. P-T estima tes suggests that mostly protogranular xenoliths are reliable to define
a palaeogeotherm, which is from 950-1185°C at 2,5-3.0 epa, 794-805°C and 1,1-1,3 epa for Cofrentes
to 936-958°C, at 1,1-1,2 epa for Tallantes. The Aljorra peridotite suggests a temperature of -880 oC and
a pressure of -1,8 epa. The picture of equilibrium P-T conditions indicates that the differences in the
mantle lithosp-here composition is related to (1) its deformation state and (2) metasomatic events, but also
to (3) the location of entrapment during magma ascent in the lithosphere generated by diapiric uprising of
asthenospheric mantle. The location of the entrainment is either close to the magma generation area or is
situated at the mantle-crust boundary.

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