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Rodríguez Peña, José Manuel y Diez-Muñiz, Sonia y Bermejo, Clara y Nombela, César y Arroyo, Javier (2013) Activation of the yeast cell wall integrity MAPK pathway by zymolyase depends on protease and glucanase activities and requires the mucin-like protein Hkr1 but not Msb2. FEBS Letters, 587 . pp. 3675-3680. ISSN 0014-5793

Sanz, A. Belén y García, Raúl y Rodríguez-Peña, José Manuel y Díez-Muñiz, Sonia y Nombela, César y Peterson, Craig L. y Arroyo, Javier (2012) Chromatin remodeling by the SWI/SNF complex is essential for transcription mediated by the yeast cell wall integrity MAPK pathway. Molecular biology of the cell, 23 (14). pp. 2805-2817. ISSN 1939-4586

Blanco, Noelia y Reidy, Michael y Arroyo, Javier y Cabib, Enrico (2012) Crosslinks in the cell wall of budding yeast control morphogenesis at the mother-bud neck. Journal of cell science, 125 (Pt 23). pp. 5781-5789. ISSN 1477-9137

García Sánchez, Raúl y Botet, Javier y Rodríguez Peña, José Manuel y Bermejo, Clara y Ribas, Juan Carlos y Revuelta, José Luis y Nombela, César y Arroyo, Javier (2015) Genomic profiling of fungal cell wall-interfering compounds: identification of a common gene signature. BMC genomics, 16 (1). p. 683. ISSN 1471-2164

Vázquez, Miguel y Nogales Cadenas, Rubén y Arroyo, Javier y Botias, Pedro y García, Raúl y Carazo, José M. y Tirado Fernández, Francisco y Pascual Montano, Alberto y Carmona Saez, Pedro (2010) MARQ: an online tool to mine GEO for experiments with similar or opposite gene expression signatures. Nucleic acids research, 38 . W228-W232. ISSN 0305-1048

Zelante, Teresa y Iannitti, Rossana G. y De Luca, Antonella y Arroyo, Javier y Blanco, Noelia y Servillo, Giuseppe y Sanglard, Dominique y Reichard, Utz y Palmer, Glen E. y Latgè, Jean-Paul y Puccetti, Paolo y Romani, Luigina (2012) Sensing of mammalian IL-17A regulates fungal adaptation and virulence. Nature communications, 3 . p. 683. ISSN 2041-1723

Blanco, Noelia y Sanz, Ana Belén y Rodríguez Peña, José Manuel y Nombela, César y Farkaš, Vladimír y Hurtado Guerrero, Ramón y Arroyo, Javier (2015) Structural and functional analysis of yeast Crh1 and Crh2 transglycosylases. The FEBS journal, 282 (4). pp. 715-31. ISSN 1742-464X

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