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Chubykalo, Andrey E. y Smirnov Rueda, Román (1998) Action at a distance and self-consistency of classical electrodynamics. In The Enigmatic Photon. Fundamental Theories of Physics, 4 (90). Springer, pp. 261-304. ISBN 978-1-4020-0519-0

Chubykalo, Andrey E. y Smirnov Rueda, Román (1997) Convection Displacement Current and Generalized Form of Maxwell–Lorentz Equations. Modern Physics Letters A, 12 (1). pp. 1-24. ISSN 0217-7323

Kholmetskii, Alexsander L. y Missevitch, Oleg V. y Smirnov Rueda, Román y Ivanov, Alexander R. y Chubykalo, Andrey E. (2007) Experimental test on the applicability of the standard retardation condition to bound magnetic fields. Journal of Applied Physics, 101 (2). pp. 1-11. ISSN 0021-8979

Smirnov Rueda, Román y Chubykalo, Andrey E. (1998) Incompleteness of Classical Electrodynamics and Longitudinal Non-Local Electromagnetic Action as One of the Missing Elements. In Causality and Locality in Modern Physics. Fundamental Theories of Physics, 97 . Springer, pp. 119-126. ISBN 978-90-481-5092-2

Chubykalo, Andrey E. y Múnera Orozco, Héctor Augusto y Smirnov Rueda, Román (1998) Is the Free Electromagnetic Field a Consequence of Maxwell's Equations or a Postulate? Foundations of Physics Letters, 11 (6). pp. 573-584. ISSN 0894-9875

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