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López-García, Juan Manuel and Blain, Hugues Alexandre and Cuenca Bescós, Gloria and Arsuaga, Juan Luis (2008) Chronological, environmental, and climatic precisions on the Neanderthal site of the Cova del Gegant (Sitges, Barcelona, Spain). Journal of Human Evolution, 55 (6). pp. 1151-1155. ISSN 0047-2484

Blain, Hugues Alexandre and Bailon, Salvador and Cuenca Bescós, Gloria and Arsuaga, Juan Luis and Bermúdez de Castro, José María and Carbonell i Roura, Eudald (2009) Long-term climate record inferred from early-middle Pleistocene amphibian and squamate reptile assemblages at the Gran Dolina Cave, Atapuerca, Spain. Journal of Human Evolution, 56 . pp. 55-65. ISSN 0047-2484

López Martínez, Nieves and Canudo, José Ignacio and Ardèvol, Lluís and Pereda Suberbiola, Xabier and Orue Etxebarria, Xabier and Cuenca Bescós, Gloria and Ruiz Omeñaca, José Ignacio and Murelaga, Xabier and Feist, Monique (2001) New dinosaur sites correlated with Upper Maastrichtian pelagic deposits in the Spanish Pyrenees: implications for the dinosaur extinction pattern in Europe. Cretaceous research. , 22 (1). pp. 41-61. ISSN 0195-6671

López García, Juan Manuel and Sevilla García, Paloma and Cuenca Bescós, Gloria (2009) New evidence for the greater noctule bat (Nyctalus lasiopterus) in the Late Pleistocene of western Europe. Comptes rendus. Palévol , 8 . pp. 551-558. ISSN 1631-0683

Carbonell i Roura, Eudald and Bermúdez de Castro, José María and Parés Casanova, J.M. and Pérez González, Alfredo and Cuenca Bescós, Gloria and Ollé Canellas, Andreu and Mosquera Martínez, Marina and Huguet Pamiès, Rosa and Made, Jan van der and Rosas González, Antonio and Sala, Robert and Vallverdú Poch, Josep and García, Nuria and Granger, Darryl E. and Martinón Torres, María and Rodríguez, Xoxé Pedro and Stock, Greg M. and Vergès, Josep María and Allué, Ethel and Burjachs i Casas, Francesc and Cáceres Cuello de Oro, Isabel and Canals i Salomó, Antoni and Benito Calvo, Alfonso and Díez Fernández-Lomana, Juan Carlos and Mateos Cachorro, Ana and Navazo Ruiz, Marta and Rodríguez Solorzano, Jesús and Rosell Ardèvol, Jordi and Arsuaga, Juan Luis (2008) The first hominin of Europe. Nature (London), 452 . pp. 465-469. ISSN 0028-0836

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