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Vilas Minondo, Lorenzo and Dabrio, Cristino J. and Peláez, J.R. and García Hernández, M. (2001) Dominios sedimentarios generados durante el período extensional Cretácico Inferior entre Cazorla y Hellín (Béticas externas). Su implicación en la estructura actual. Revista de la Sociedad Geológica de España, 14 (1-2). pp. 113-122. ISSN 0214-2708

León Yebra, Carlos and Biskup Zaja, Nevenko and Santamaria Sánchez-Barriga, Jacobo and Alberca Carretero, Aurora and Andrés, Amado de and García Hernández, M. and Munuera, C. and Mompean, F.J. and Nemes, Norbert Marcel (2012) Ferroelectric substrate effects on the magnetism, magnetotransport, and electroresistance of La0.7Ca0.3MnO3 thin films on BaTiO3. Physical Review B, 86 (14). ISSN 1098-0121

Nemes, Norbert Marcel and Visani, C. and León Yebra, Carlos and García Hernández, M. and Simon, F. and Fehér, T. and te Velthuis, S. G. E. and Hoffmann, A. and Santamaria Sánchez-Barriga, Jacobo (2010) Magnetic memory based on La_(0.7)Ca_(0.3)MnO_(3)/YBa_(2)Cu_(3)O_(7)/La_(0.7)Ca_(0.3)MnO_(3) ferromagnet/superconductor hybrid structures. Applied physics letters, 97 (3). ISSN 0003-6951

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