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Gil de Paz, Armando (2003) Cinemática y poblaciones estelares en galaxias compactas azules. [Thesis]

Cardiel López, Nicolás and Gil de Paz, Armando and Carrasco, E. and Gallego, J. and Sánchez, F. M. and Vilchez, J. M. and García Vargas, M. L. and Arrillaga, X. and Carrera, M. A. and Castillo Morales, A. and Castillo Domínguez, E. and Cedazo, R. and Eliche Moral, C. and Ferrusca, D. and González Guardia, E. and Maldonado, M. and Marino, R. A. and Martínez Delgado, I. and Morales Durán, I. and Mújica, E. and Pascual, S. and Pérez Calpena, A. and Sánchez Penim, A. and Sánchez Blanco, E. and Serena, F. and Tulloch, S. and Villar, V. and Zamorano Calvo, Jaime and Barrado y Navascués, D. and Bertone, E. and Cava, A. and Cenarro, J. and Chávez, M. and García, M. and Guichard, J. and Herrero, A. and Huélamo, N. and Hughes, D. and Guzmán, R. and Iglesias, J. and Jiménez Vicente, J. and Aguerri, A. L. and Mayya, D. and Abreu, J. M. and Molla, M. and Muñoz Tuñón, C. and Peimbert, S. and Peimbert, M. and Pérez González, P. G. and Pérez Montero, E. and Rodríguez, M. and Rodríguez Espinosa, J. M. and Rodríguez Merino, L. and Rosa, D. and Sánchez Almeida, J. and Sánchez Contreras, C. and Sánchez Blázquez, P. and Sánchez, S. and Sarajedini, A. and Silich, S. and Simón, S. and Tenorio Tagle, G. and Terlevich, E. and Terlevich, R. and Trujillo, I. and Tsamis, Y. and Vega, O. (2012) MEGARA: the future optical IFU and multi-object spectrograph for the 10.4m GTC Telescope. Proceedings of SPIE, 8446 . ISSN 0277-786X

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